CD medical alphabet
Autore: Anna LOIACONO
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224, 6 App. e 1 bibliogr.
18 x 28 cm

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This volume is an absolute innovation in the field of English-Language Teaching (ELT), in the medical and scientific field. It presents the basic features of subjects studied in Medical, Dentistry, Biotechnology and Healthcare degrees entirely in English. Printed throughout in colour, the volume contains 224 images, tables and diagrams as well as six explanatory appendices. Additionally, a variety of multimedia pathways and further readings are suggested, relating to the basic contents. In particular, the volume contains six Units and is the first in a trilogy which, as its title suggests, runs through the entire alphabet. The first volume relates to the letters A to F and presents the following subjects:

UNIT 1: Acronyms, Abbreviations and Anatomy
UNIT 2: Blood
UNIT 3: Cardiology
UNIT 4: Diabetes
UNIT 5: Endocrinology
UNIT 6: Forensic Science

Each Unit is designed to  stimulate the acquisition of biomedical and medical-cultural knowledge, directly in English, with an approach which moves, step by step, from an overall vision to practical exercises relating to specific language skills.

Finally, the Volume is accompanied by the ForWard DVD (30 mins. approx.) which presents a clinical emergency with dialogues and subtitles in English.

ISBN: 978-88-89-534-34-2 pp. 288
Colour images and charts: 224
6 appendices and 1 bibliography
Price with DVD: € 60,00



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