English-Language texts and films on emergency medicine

Autore: Anna LOIACONO
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Hospitals are complex structures, both as regards the organisation of the services they provide and the interactions they entail. Specifically, they are the point in medical discourse, where scientific texts, service encounter discourse and administrative language, all major aspects of medical interactions, come together in a complex interplay. It is essential for outsiders, whether first‐year students or seasoned practitioners, to engage with the oral and written traditions of medical discourse in hospital systems. There is no better way of understanding the hospital system in one’s own country than by comparing it with those of other countries, which is why this volume explores texts and films from many English‐speaking countries, in particular, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. 

In Forward Revisited, Anna Loiacono uses a film‐based approach as a way into the complex discourse world of hospitals. She focuses on two major hospital services, the Emergency Department and the Cath Lab, both impacting heavily on society owing to their role in Emergency Medicine. Her frame‐by‐frame narrative reconstructs events in a trainee doctor’s first day at work in a hospital. This is the springboard for more detailed web‐ based comparative studies of the historical, cultural and medico‐social aspects of hospital life and above all the interactional frameworks in contemporary hospitals that support their service systems. These include algorithms, guide‐ lines, instruments, protocols, scales, instructions regarding the use of equipment and tools in hospital activities such as responses to emergency calls, triage, handovers, clinical assessments and decision‐making, Cath Lab interventions, post‐PCI patient education and patient and healthcare worker safety. 

A major driving force behind the volume is providing a framework through which the reader can self‐teach and self‐assess as regards the specialist skills in English required when engaging with hospitals in the English‐speaking world. 

Forward Revisited is part of the author’s efforts to redefine the way Medical English is taught in Italy. The volume is the result of many years of academic research and teaching in this sector. Other volumes by the author include Medical Communication: Systems and Genres, Como‐Pavia: IBIS (2012) and The Medical Alphabet, Vol. 1, Andria: Matarrese (2013).

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